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Learn Sun Sign Astrology from the best.

Who we are

We are three of the world’s top sun sign astrologers who have been producing sun sign astrology columns for over twenty years.

Why we are

The Sun Sign School is a unique opportunity to receive what we’ve learned and become the next generation of sun sign astrologers.

Where you are

Are you seeking something different? An opportunity to become a sun sign astrologer? This may be the course for you.

How it starts

You can start learning at any time – we are open every hour and every minute. Learn anywhere you have an internet connection and your computer.

Becoming a Sun Sign Astrologer is our first course

In this first course, you’ll learn more about the astrology of Sun Signs.  As you progress through this course you’ll hear from every Sun Sign tutor.  After this course you can choose to continue your studies with the tutor or tutors of your choice.

To learn Sun Sign Astrology, just press play

We’ve worked for over a year to offer you exclusive access to the world’s best sun sign astrologers. Now, all you need to do is press ‘Play’.

Be the next generation

Bring your passion for astrology and learn the skills you need to be the worlds next top Sun Sign Astrologer. Learn how to write columns and have them published in magazines, newspapers and online for leading publications and websites.

A good portfolio will get you an interview. A good attitude will get you a job.

Your passion will get you so far. We give you the skills you need to become the best Sun Sign Astrologer – and help you understand the business you are working in.  That way you’ll be prepared for what comes next.

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Your Journey

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I love you, won’t you tell me your name? These immortal words by legendary musician Jim Morrison are still as relevant today, in this digital age, as they were back then. 

Writing, made simple.

Everyone can write, but not everyone is a writer. What makes the difference is the keen eye for detail and beauty.

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Learn Sun Sign Astrology from the world's best-known newspaper and magazine astrologers!

Have you ever dreamed of becoming a Sun Sign Astrologer? Maybe you’ve thought you would like to have a newspaper or magazine column reaching hundreds of thousands of reachers, interested in reading their horoscope?

With the Sun Sign Academy you can learn how to become a professional writer of Sun Sign horoscope columns for magazines and newspapers, understanding the tips and tricks from people who are doing it now.

By starting with the introductory course, you’ll be introduced to all the Sun Sign Academy’s professional Astrologers – each of them with a different perspective on this field, and how you can get the most out of it.

The Sun Sign Academy was created by Jessica Adams (Leo), Stephanie Johnson (Sagittarius) and Joanne Madeline Moore (Aries) at the Federation of Australian Astrologers Conference in 2018.

From this grand trine meeting between these three university graduates and professional astrologers, came the idea of training the next generation of Sun Sign writers around the world, while offering existing professionals or students the change to learn an add on technique that would open up their blog or website to potentially millions of new readers.

The Sun Sign Academy


The Sun Sign Academy


Launching at 12 noon (London) on 23rd April 2019, The Sun Sign Academy will feature TED-style audio and video downloads from leading Astrologers: Jessica Adams, Barbara Dunn, Maggie Hyde, Stephanie Johnson, Joanne Madeline Moore, Susan Milller, Victor Olliver and Penny Thornton.