Your assignment this time is to predict September for the United Kingdom. This is the new United Kingdom chart (every nation has a horoscope and old nations have several).

It is set for the time that Her Majesty the Queen made Brexit final. Using any of the Sun Sign charts from your PDF file, find the correct chart (it should be Capricorn).

You can either interpret just by using this simple wheel with Capricorn on the cusp of the First House, or use the UK chart from

Here is professional Tarot reader Tara Buffington, predicting for America, earlier this year. How would you approach a video, using astrology and Tarot? Remember, The Sun Sign School is hiring for 2022. Tara is a graduate.

Tara Buffington America 2021


If you prefer to work with video, send what you have about the UK based on the Virgo weather.

The Virgo Weather

September 2nd
Mars 22 Virgo opposition Neptune 22 Pisces
September 7th
Sun 14 Virgo conjunction Moon 14 Virgo
September 13th
Sun 20 Virgo conjunction Hygiea 20 Virgo
September 14th
Sun 21 Virgo opposition Neptune 21 Pisces
September 15th
Hygiea 21 Virgo opposition Neptune 21 Pisces
September 18th
Sun 25 Virgo conjunction Proserpina 25 Virgo
September 20th
Sun 28 Virgo opposition Moon 28 Pisces